Conciliators Without Borders (CWB)

CWB promotes non-confrontational and non-violent resolution of personal,  family, professional,, business and political conflicts. We believe that a conciliatory and non-adversarial approach to conflict management can accomplish better results in a shorter time and at a fraction of the cost than a confrontational approach leading to litigation, aggression and even wars.

Our services offer a helping hand to parties engaged in conflicts.  We are dedicated to turning adversaries into partners by seeking common good and engaging in positive dialogue.  We offer a wide range of programs aimed at bringing people holding conflicting viewpoints together and resolving conflicts in a way that looks after the best interests of stakeholders.

Our services are offered  to public, private and non-profit sectors include personal, workplace, family, commercial, political and inter-faith dispute resolution, coaching and training.

About the author

Shahid Akhtar, an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practitioner and president of Conciliators Without Borders has written  “The 7Cs Compass for Conflict Resolution-A Practical Guide for Real ADR” published by and recently produced as audiobook also available on Audible and iTunes.

The book offers a fail-safe 7-step process for the best possible resolution of family, business, workplace and political conflicts. 


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A Dialogue on Dialogues - With Shahid Akhtar - Arbab-e-Qalam Canada - (Adabi Mukaalma)