The presentation on Diversity and Sensitivity is aimed at inspiring the audience to want to be leaders in promoting diversity in their workplace setting. The full-day session includes active engagement by participants in case studies and scenarios.

The session will promote understanding of differences and similarities between workplace colleagues and teach techniques to recognize different strengths of individuals that can contribute towards creation of a model work environment.

The program will create awareness among managers on how to translate diversity talk into walk and platitudes into policy and practice.  

The course will help managers and staff to understand how the practice of diversity and development of sensitivity is in their own best interest and how practical implementation of lessons learned in the session can enhance productivity and positive workplace environment. 

The course is intended to broaden audience’s  understanding of bias and power imbalance in the workplace and develop respect for differences. The session is intended to be comprehensive and interactive.  The main objective is to ensure that at the conclusion of their participation in the session the leaders, managers, supervisors, employees and other stakeholders should have a better understanding and appreciation of diversity and sensitivity and feel convinced that their commitment to inclusiveness and diversity is in their own best interest.