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Shahid Akhtar, an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practitioner and president of Conciliators Without Borders has written “The 7Cs Compass for Conflict Resolution-A Practical Guide for Real ADR” published by Amazon.ca and recently produced as audiobook also available on Audible and iTunes.

The book offers a fail-safe 7-step process for the best possible resolution of family, business, workplace and political conflicts. Having practiced international corporate law, Shahid has worked as a journalist, TV host, mediator, facilitator and coordinator of harassment prevention and conflict resolution programs. 

Shahid  has worked for over 25 years in advisory positions in various large public sector organizations and now practices as a mediator and educator.  He has trained more than 10,000 professionals, managers, staff, lawyers, judges and community stakeholders in techniques of preventing harassment and discrimination, resolving conflicts, conducting mediations, creating a model workplace, advancing diversity and developing cultural sensitivity in the workplace. 

He has been actively engaged in promoting a Canadian model of understanding and positive communication and bridging the divides between faith and intercultural communities. He is currently writing a book “The Reluctant Cousins: Jewish-Muslim Relations in the 21st Century-Imagining the Possibilities”.

Shahid has often appeared in media current affairs programs. He has addressed the Parliament of World Religions and a large European Union Delegation visiting the United Nations about deep-rooted inter-faith conflicts and was the Keynote Speaker at the North American Interfaith Network Conference held in Toronto. He also offers pro-bono services resolving conflicts in family, business, community and interfaith settings.

 Shahid Akhtar

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